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UltraElite Receiver tm
UltraElite Receiver tm

UltraElite Receiver tm


Weighing just 1.3 oz with over 5,000 programmable settings, this is the smallest, lightest, and fully customizable collar on the market.  This collar is so versatile that it can even be programmed to work on our competitors system.



UltraElite tm features such as:  TriScann tm Omni-Directional Antenna - 360 degrees of signal detection means your pets collar will work when it needs too


Flash Alert tm Low Battery Light - will let you know when a battery change is needed


Comfort Probes tm, or Spring loaded probes for longer coated pets make this a simple choice when comparing against other brands.


Pet Stop Transmitters:  like the Pet Stop tm receivers, the transmitters are on the cutting edge of technology also.  They've made customization and ease of use a priority while packing it with valuable features:


Temperature Safe - All Pet Stop transmitters are designed to ensure the signal field will not change regardless of the temperature outdoors.  An important feature that not all competitors offer, just another example of superior design working for you and your pet.


Digital Display - All Pet Stop transmiiters featue and easy to read digital display that when lit, lets you know where you field is set and exactly what its set at.  No guessing or having to call us for service.  the digital display lets you know 24/7.


Compatibility - The Pet Stop outdoor transmitter is fully compatible with the Pet Stop indoor transmitter and most other competitor systems also. 


Wire - Hidden Pet Fence uses only Professional Grade 14 ga. wire for your customized perimeter.  The difference between this and your ordinary pet store 20 ga (much smaller) wire is night and day.



The trainers at Hidden Pet Fence LLC will program your pets receiver for exactly each pets individual needs.  Rest assured that we take full advantage of the most advanced system on the market today.  As part of the Pet Stop team, we take pride in offering you the most advanced system on the market today.  So whether you are shopping on features, experience, or price, we are sure you'll find your pet fence experience with Hidden Pet Fence LLC uncomparable, and unbeatable anywhere else in SW Idaho!




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